Media and Hard Drive Destruction

With the ever-evolving world of technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage your data storage. Help eliminate unnecessary data with our bespoked data destruction solutions. We can offer peace of mind that your data is destroyed to the highest standard and in line with all EU legislations.

Hard drive destruction goes beyond simply deleting unwanted files. It is important to hire a trusted, certified partner who specialises in data destruction and who can offer a certificate of destruction.

cork hard-drive destruction
cork hard-drive destruction

All media devices collected by CCS are transported directly to a partnering company to be confidentially disposed of. Our Data Destruction Service involves the collection of electronic material such as hard drives, USB sticks, floppy disks, CDs etc.

For optimum security purposes, we supply lockable containers to transport all data storage devices from your premises to a confidential shredding facility where your material will be reduced to fragments of unreadable matter. The remnants are later disposed of in accordance with EU protection and environmental commissions.

Examples of Media Storage Devices:

  • Hard Drives (internal and external)
  • Optimal Discs (CD’s, DVD’s, Blue-ray)
  • Magnetic Tapes (DLT, LTO, DDS, DAT, cassettes)

  • Floppy discs

  • Memory sticks/cards
cork data destruction service

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