Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we cater for clear-outs of all sizes. Call us today to see what we have to offer.

In addition to paper shredding, we also offer other waste shredding systems which include prescription and label waste.
Our on-site shredding service allows you to witness the destruction of your documents through installed CCTV monitors. We can also provide you with a certificate of destruction upon request.

You can schedule an extra service at any time. We can also amend your schedule with the installation of extra consoles or provide a more regular schedule to meet your needs.

Our console bins are fully fitted with a lock, and keys are provided upon request to authorised personnel only. All documents are disposed of through a letter slip to ensure your material is kept safe from the hands of fraudsters.

Waiting times are dependent on your location. Your service may be available 2-3 days to inquiry. Call us to see when we are in your location next.

All material must be loose, eg. removed from lever-arch files and plastic pockets. However, we do not require the removal of staples and paperclips. We can also shred hardback diaries and cheque books.

We use state of the art industrial shredders that are incomparable to your average office shredder. Rather than spending hours tackling your piles of unwanted paper with a small, time-consuming office shredder, we can help eliminate your material in a quick and effective manner.

cork confidential shredding
cork confidential shredding